Here it is, the story of Tomoe, a young boy from a paranormal family that grew up interacting with things like ghosts, demons, angels, and actually got quite fond of them. He lives in a really big house in hawaii and he takes over the family business: aiding the creatures from the other side, so all those spirits and entities end up visiting him occasionally to rest, eat, or just hang out with other beings (and Tomoe as well, he’s a very kind boy). But since Tomoe’s paranormal senses are too high, he’s like a flashlight in a dark room to the eyes of mystical creatures; they can spot him easily, so he ends up attracting all kinds of spirits, including plenty of succubi and incubi. Usually they just leave, since Tomoe is definitely not up for some late nights adventures with a random demon, but things get a little bit more complicated when Darren, the incubus, falls in love gets intrigued on why his powers aren’t affecting this particular boy and decides that he’s not leaving until he gets what he wants truth be told he’s madly in love with Tomoe okay he doesn’t even want to do the do with him anymore (I mean he does but thats not the only thing) he just enjoys being there alright he’s not fooling anyone.

I might draw some more stuff in the future, maybe introduce some other characters, such as the lovely shy ghoul that sleeps on the couch, or the ghost twins that are afraid of the neighbor’s cat… we’ll see!


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So cute TT-TT

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Ok how can i say this, sorry if i havent give credit to artist of some of the thins that i published, is just that i completed forget it (i am really distracted) and normally what i published i found them out of nowhere, so i am gonna tried that everyting that is not mine and have and artist i am gonna put in, his link or credit. So sorry again and thanks to the people that remind me of doing it : )

Anónimo ha dicho: Hi Meikitsue. How are you? Sorry if this rude, but posting fanarts without sourcing (with permission) from where they are from is very rude to the artist. This would lead them to taking the fanart they drew off the website they posted, worse case scenario, deleting their account and never draw for fans like us again. This have been an issue and the website where these fanarts are from have been deciding to block us English fans out (since it's in Japanese). Please consider my words from now on.

I will do it. I will try to fine who is the artist so dont worry and your not been rude :) in fact thank a for teeling me

She is so cool, cute, brave and nice.

She is so cool, cute, brave and nice.